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All Seasons Kennels has been serving the pet grooming and boarding needs of Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington and surrounding areas since 1975. All our staff are adults. We do not employ co-op or high school students. All the staff have either HSPCA, college training in animal husbandry or kennel management experience. All Seasons Kennels is a family business. We board dogs and cats primarily but also welcome small mammals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, rats etc, we have even had a lizard and a gecko a time or two. Our capacity is 33 dogs. All our dogs have food and water with them all the time and their own inside and outside runs to which they access through a manually operated drop door. The cats are housed in the colder months in the basement of the house on the property. They each have their own condo and food and water at all times with their own litter tray. Everything is provided food, fresh water, the litter and litter box and they are looked after three times per day. I will also home cook for you dogs if you like for an extra charge. We also have plenty of experience with the unique nutritional needs of our kennel guests. If you have your own special menu for your pet that you would like, bring along with you and we will be more than happy to accommodate.

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