Dog Grooming

We have been grooming dogs at All Seasons Kennels for almost 40 years so there is very little we haven’t seen. It is common practice to ask an opinion of a groomer to see if the dog really has a problem. Chances are we have seen it before and can save you time and money. This does not mean to say we are qualified in any way to diagnose your dog’s issues, just we may have seen the condition before and can put your mind at ease to a certain extent.

We only groom small dogs. The dogs most commonly groomed at All Seasons Kennels are under 25 pounds and non-shedding. The reason we only do small dogs is fairly obvious, we are getting older and choose not to tangle with the big stuff anymore. Grooming your dog is in and out in one hour and we will do the dogs anal glands, by request only.

The grooming includes clipping, bathing, nail clip, and styling the coat. Each dog leaves with either a colourful, seasonal bandana or a fancy bow. We also bath large dogs.

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