Emma's Corner

When staring down the hallway of hope and change, we can either shine a light forward or grope around frantically in the darkness. Even though change on a personal level and on a collective level, may seem as if it still eludes us or is changing but at a snail’s pace, one thing is certain and that is that change definitely is upon us. But is it a heavy shroud that has been thrown upon us or is it a protective tent or shell? Or neither? The beginning of the answer to everything is in how we choose to proceed. So grope, crawl, walk, run, sidle, or slide. What matters is that we keep moving forward from wherever we find ourselves, because that is where we find ourselves.

Does life change us or do we change our lives? Whatever we experience on our journey has the power to change us in one way or another. But along with that we have even more power. We have the gift of being able to change our lives at any time we choose. It may feel as if we are stuck in the muck and we may feel as if we’ve been spinning our wheels all year. But many have managed to move forward already this year in leaps and bounds. It may be helpful to those who feel like you’re going no place in a hurry, to remember that everything goes in cycles and your turn shall come as well. If we all suddenly lurched forward at the same time, we’d have chaos. If we are all stuck at the same time, we’d have one big traffic jam. If you feel stuck, take foot off of accelerator for now but don’t slam on the brakes.

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