Lori Ondrey

– 5 Stars

I've been a client of All Seasons Kennels for the past 8 years I live in Burlington, but the drive is worth it. Bev and her staff are professional dog handlers, who care about your pet The facility is clean and well run. Air conditioned in summer, heated in winter, with outside dog runs, so your dog can go in or out My dog is always happy to see the staff, and I have never had a complaint A loyal customer!

Laura R

We were moving and wanted to board our Yellow Lab and our Beagle mix for 3 nights. We have never boarded our dogs before. We were nervous to board, but after talking to All Seasons on the phone, we were feeling a bit better about doing this. I checked many places and read all reviews of the various kennels and figured it was a coin toss when trying to figure out which one we would use. We determined that the best way is maybe trial and error and went with All Seasons since they were between where we lived and where we were moving to. We are so happy we made the choice to use All Seasons! The dogs seemed very well taken care of and the staff didn't mind that I called on day 2 to see how they were doing. They assured me all was well, the boys were eating and doing great. We asked if they could stay an extra night and were told that was fine. When we picked them up, we could tell that they had been well taken care of, were clean, happy and fine. We will definitely take them back there without hesitation. The kennels were clean as you could expect considering many dogs were there and they seem to be on top of their housekeeping.


My Cat was well looked after and came back as himself :) I would recommend this business and take my animal here again :)

Jill Bythesea

I had a last-minute pest treatment at my apartment and nowhere to put my cat for the day; With no notice and no vaccinations up to date, they still took my cat in for only $7!!! Located right next to a bus stop too, so you aren't lugging heavy pet carriers through the snow. Very nice people, very accommodating and professional. I will definitely bring my cat back to them if I need a sitter. Great site with cat bungalows and extra pavilions in the back. My cat came back safe, sound, clean and soft so I am extremely satisfied!

Pat Bailey

We took our dog to All Seasons because a friend recommend it, we were greeted by a friendly lady at the desk, she introduced herself as Marlene, she answered all our questions and took us back to see the kennels, they were nice and clean and all the dogs were clean, I felt very comfortable leaving our dog with them, met the owner Beverly and she was very nice also, and doing a good job on the dog she was grooming, when we picked up our dog, he was happy and clean and did not smell like kennel at all. We will be going back there as they were the best so far and for the price they charge, it is well worth it

Amanda A

I have been going to All Seasons for almost 10 years and Bev is great. My dog is always cared for and he loves it there, he even gets excited when walking down the path. I drive 25 minutes to take him there, even though there is a kennel 3 minutes from my house. I would recommend All Seasons and Bev to anyone.

Sandi Sowtus

Best groomers in town

Karen Currie

We just took our old dog for a few days and was nervous about how he would do in a kennel since he has separation anxiety. He did great, the staff was very friendly. We picked him up and he was clean, and did not smell like a kennel at all which happens sometimes when they go to kennels. I would recommend my dog going there and will take him again. For the reviews I read about people being surprised about closure times, the hours of operations signs are everywhere so no excuse for not knowing when to come back.

Brie Brennan

All Seasons Kennels is an excellent boarding facility. I have a 5 year old Yellow Lab with MAJOR aggression issues. I have taken JoJo to All Seasons Kennels a couple times now (once for 5 days, another for a weekend). I was afraid at first as I had never kennelled my dog before and he is a rather needy lab. The facility is clean, Bev is GREAT, very accomodating, the price is absolutely wonderful. My dog doesn't get along with most other dogs and Bev does her best to move him around so he isn't side by side with other dogs to keep his stress level down. I usually take my own food and the staff has no issue feeding him his own food (as they provide it for you if you wish). I have seen a few treats in the kennel when I have picked up my dog, so I know that the staff goes in every few hours and gives him some attention and treats. I'll continue to take my dog to All Seasons so long as it (and he) are around. Great place, reasonably prices, friendly staff, clean facilities. Don't hesitate to board your dog or cat here at all :)

Rachael Mary

Amazing! My dog is very timid and nervous around strangers, but the staff went the extra mile to help her feel comfortable while getting groomed. Best customer service we have had, will be back for sure.

Anna-Marie Gibbs

This is our second time using All Seasons Kennels and we are always impressed with the friendly and caring staff. We will definitely consider using this kennel in the future.

Kristin Edwards

Mary Anne Stott

Thich Nu Tinh Quang

Scotty Dinan

Jeremy B

Rita Tabone

Lauren Hill

Lesley Taylor

Judy us so kind and caring. Good to be back. We are in Muskoka from May to October and travel into Hamilton just to visit all seasons dog grooming. Thanks Judy.

Jody Brown

My daughter has worked for Bev for over 8 years. I have boarded 2 of our dogs there over the years. I know Bev to be a carrying person, with staff who have to deal with rude individuals, animals that bite and scratch. On one occasion my daughter was cornered by a Rottweiler that has just been brought in by its owner. I feel they do an amazing job in sometimes difficult situations. I would recommend this kennel to anyone looking to board their animals.

Melanie Holl

The staff were so friendly and helpful. I was very nervous about bringing my dogs there (based on these reviews) but when i got there i didnt see any thing wrong. They answered all my questions honestly, even the ones i asked about the reviews. My dog was smelly when i picked her up, which i expected since it is a kennel and accidents happen. They gave her a bath and some treats while she dried. Great experence.

Andy Hui

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