Dog Kennels in Hamilton

Starting June 1/23 boarding for dogs is $18/28 per day plus HST depending on size.

(Starting in June 2023, the Boarding price for dogs $18 per night for single kennel, and $28 for a double kennel plus 13% HST.)

If you are a Hamilton resident planning a business or vacation trip, your pet may be unable to accompany you. Fortunately, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your dog is safe at All Seasons Kennels. Even if you will only be away for a weekend or overnight, we will gladly accommodate your dog’s needs. Each dog has their own inside and outside kennel. The inside accommodation is German shepherd/Boxer size while a manually operated drop door gives them access to their own individual twelve foot outside run. The fencing that separates the dogs and keeps them safe is all re-enforced hog pen. When the kennel was constructed we thought if the fencing can keep in 500 pound hogs it can keep the dogs contained and safe.

The dogs are on a routine; they are out for the first time in their outside run at approximately 7:00am while the staff clean the cages, feed them, give them fresh water, and either arrange their bedding or give them fresh if the bedding seems soiled. Then they are called inside. They are locked inside while staff clean and disinfect the dog’s outside run. They are let out again for a run after they have eaten, then closed in until approximately noon when the whole process is repeated. The same routine starts again and is repeated again at 5:00pm. The dogs are let out for the last time at about 8:00pm as I have neighbours and it would not be fair to do it later. In the summer if the weather co-operates and we have fairly quiet dogs they can lie outside in their run and bask the afternoon away.

The majority of dogs have no problem adapting to the routine and the first few days we expect there will be a few accidents but a dog that is with us for a week will always do better than the weekend or overnight dog as the weekly boarder will have had time to adapt. People learn that the more their dog is boarded the easier it gets. We are all creatures of habit and the first time we do anything is very difficult, but people find each time they leave the dog they worry less and less. We supply premium food at no extra charge, we have plenty of bedding and lots of toys for our dogs to play with. We are up and down the kennel numerous times a day making sure everyone is smiling at us and if someone is worried or shy or is not eating enough we spend time to try to help them adjust. We all need a little reassurance whether we have two feet or four.

I will home cook for your dog at an additional cost. The menu is either beef stew with half a cup of homemade yoghurt or a homemade ground beef patty with half a cup of home made yoghurt.

  • Small Dogs - 1 cup morning and 1 cup supper time $5.00 per day.
  • Medium Dogs - 2 cups morning and 2 cups supper time $8.00 per day
  • Large Dogs - 3 cups morning and 3 cups supper time $10.00 per day.

This type of feeding seems to work well with elderly dogs and dogs who have not been socialised, it is more familiar to them as this is how they would be fed at home. The staff are all very familiar with administering medications however if your dog required ear or eye medication that the staff will have to physically need to handle the dog inside the kennel this has to be on a case by case basis. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. A dog a home in familiar surroundings is not the same dog in an unfamiliar setting, often dogs feel it necessary to guard their kennel and will bite if we try to enter what they consider their space.

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