All Seasons Kennels’s Cat Sitting

Grand opening summer 2013 all seasons kennels presents our spacious new cat cottage

All Seasons Kennels has been boarding cats since 1975. The old joke was the owner's husband, who was old school didn't think anyone would pay someone to look after their cat.

She said "humor me and just build a couple and let's see." Then the phone started ringing with cat after cat. Her husband was working all day at Lake Erie power plant as an electrician and came home and built cat kennels all night. It was not unusual in the late seventies to regularly have in the summer fifty cats boarded at the same time.
We have scaled down a lot since then.

We have a screened-in summer building that has 8 Clark cages. When the staff are cleaning if the cat is friendly they are allowed to walk around inside and stretch their legs and have a bit of a game. The cats do not mix, they are all separate. If you have two cats they can be in together. In the cold months we have the cats in the basement of the house in their own cat rooms. The cats here are housed in condos, they are four feet high with two jumping perches.

We provide food, water, dishes, litter, and littler boxes, blankets and toys. The cats have to be vaccinated within the last year and we need to see the paperwork to prove it.

Starting June 1/23 boarding for cats is $12 per day plus the HST.

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